What is Amazon GameLift?

Save thousands of engineering hours and reduce cost with Amazon GameLift, the dedicated game server hosting and matchmaking solution built on AWS. Use Amazon GameLift to deploy, scale, and manage your dedicated game servers in the cloud, delivering low-latency, fun and reliable gaming experiences to your players around the world. Focus on creating a great multiplayer game for your players, not building scalable server infrastructure.

What’s New from Amazon GameLift?

Reduce compute costs up to 90% with Amazon GameLift FleetIQ and Spot Instances.

Amazon GameLift Features


Amazon GameLift provisions instances, deploys your game servers onto running instances, load-balances traffic across fleets of game servers, monitors instance and game server health, and replaces unhealthy instances without your intervention.


Amazon GameLift runs within Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers.


Amazon GameLift continually scans for available game servers around the world. If low-latency game servers are not available, you can configure the service to automatically add more capacity nearby your players. Amazon GameLift maintains a queue of waiting players until new games start or new instances launch, then places those players into the lowest latency game.


Deploy your game servers in 14 AWS Regions across 5 continents to reach your players with low-latency connections. Whether your game is a first person shooter, a MOBA, or other multiplayer game genre, your players around the world can enjoy the fast-paced gameplay you have designed.


Amazon GameLift’s autoscaling feature can start one, hundreds, or even thousands of instances simultaneously and stop unused instances in just minutes.


The Amazon GameLift management console includes dashboards for monitoring the performance of your game. You can see real-time data on player demand, server capacity and health, CPU and memory utilization, and create operational alarms using Amazon CloudWatch. Amazon GameLift also lets you automatically collect and store game server logs for retrieval and inspection.


Amazon GameLift includes everything you need to run your dedicated game servers in the cloud – a high-performance virtual machine, SSD-based storage, fast data transfer to the Internet – on demand without monthly commitments. You only pay for the resources you actually use.


Amazon GameLift is designed to safeguard your game servers from frequently occurring network and transport layer distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. You can also configure the service to autoscale server capacity to absorb DDoS attacks without taking your players offline.

The Capacity You Need Without the Planning

Scale Your Game Globally

Bring low latency experiences to players all around the world.

Save Time

Building a reliable backend infrastructure can take years. With Amazon GameLift, you can deploy your dedicated game servers in hours.

Save Engineering Resources

Allocate talent and budget in other areas of your multiplayer game without sacrificing network reliability and performance.

Supports Your Existing Stack

Amazon GameLift integrates with all major game engines and platforms, and our SDK is available in over 10 languages.

Reduce Hosting Costs with Amazon GameLift

Cut Compute Costs Up to 90%

Amazon GameLift FleetIQ and Spot Instances can reduce your compute costs by up to 90%. Achieve these savings while maintaining high game server availability with the use of FleetIQ, a new feature which places new sessions on game servers based player on latencies, instance prices, and Spot interruption rates.

Use 50% Less Server Capacity

Typical multiplayer games use only 50% of their peak server capacity on average, meaning that half of the time their game servers have no active players. With Amazon GameLift Auto-scale automatically turn off game servers when they are not needed and add new game servers when more players arrive.

Focus On the Game, We'll Do the Heavy Lifting

Low-Latency Experiences

Available in 14 regions across 5 continents, Amazon GameLift on the AWS cloud provides reliable network performance and efficient game placement for your players, wherever they’re located.

Competitive Matches

Match players into games with your own matchmaker or with Amazon GameLift FlexMatch, our flexible matchmaking solution that enables you to match players together based on rules you define.

Reduced Player Wait Times

Get players playing quickly by relaxing match criteria over time and matching the largest pool of players possible.

Reduce Cost Up to 90%

Pay as you go and reduce your hosting costs by automatically scaling server capacity with player traffic to reduce usage by 50%, and using our new Spot instances to provide savings of up to 90% compared to the On-Demand prices.

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