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SUN COREE DB is the leading website maintenance company in Bangalore and we also provide maintenance services for e-commerce websites , online stores . For any website , maintenance is must . Regular updates about your company, products helps to get more visitors to your websites.

When we think of an e-commerce websites regular updates is very essential and critical to keep the site updated. If the maintenance of e-commerce websites is ignored then it may throw you out of the business . Whether it is a small banner change or a offer creation , changes has to be done professionally. For example if new products is launched then it has to be updated in “ New Arrivals “ and if a banner with “ Get 40% off on 4th of October” then it has to be removed on 4th of October 11:59 PM . If this banner is not changed then you as a owner will be in problem . So e-commerce website maintenance is must .

In addition to website development and designing services we also maintain them . Our website maintenance services are the part of close and long term relationship with the client , that is our full time support and we deliver complete solutions to clients needs . E-commerce websites are very essential for online promotion of products that you sell , it is the future and present of any type of business .E-commerce websites helps to reach your products to millions of users around the world which makes your business success increase exponentially .

E-commerce website maintenance is very essential to meet user expectations . We provide customized web services so that we can design your dream website . You can find out uniqueness in all the websites we design and can compete globally . We have been awarded as the “Best E-Commerce service providers in Bangalore” .

Tips for maintenance of e-commerce website

Monthly maintenance of your website :

1. Price Updates – Operating prices fluctuate regularly throughout the year for manufactures forcing them to implement worth changes typically once a year. Because of this, it is necessary to ascertain for worth updates on a monthly basis instead of an annual basis just like sensible recent days. Make sure to add this maintenance tip to your calender that you should not forgot.

2. Product Changes – In a year, a manufacturer can build changes to a product or discontinue an item altogether. You can see the following changes of two products as a part of monthly maintenance.

  • Out of print products – Once the demand of an item, doesn’t meet the expectations, a manufacturer might notice it necessary to get rid of it from their inventory. You don’t need a customer to get out of print product on your website. This is one of the way to discourage them from shopping with you again.
  • Half variety changes – From time to time, manufacturers can build slight changes to their products instead of discontinuing a product and introducing new brand product, it’s easier and fewer expenssive to alter the changes to products. Certify that you have greatest items online, because newer items will have additional features and benefits.

3. Test your checkout process – The orders you received could have passed the test but how many number have failed? A smooth checkout method is significant to finalizing sales and reducing abandonment for your on-line store. Whereas optimizing your checkout process ought to be a step in your CRO ( conversion rate optimization), everyone will not do this frequently. To checkout your method running smoothly, you must place a test order on your website minimum once a month.

4. Check your website forms – you don’t believe that how many times i have used a kind on a website that didn’t work! As a result of the positioning’s webmaster had it operating once set it up but somewhere made changes to the site that bust it. Some top-performing website programmers and webmaster are always meddle with website codings roughly daily. In the point of testing, changing and fixing of website or other parts might have recklessly been broken. But communication also a key factor for the customer service, don’t forget to add “testing forms” as monthly maintenance step. Make a list of forms on your website and be sure that all forms are working properly.

5. Check broken links – Very large websites or busy websites requires lot of changes on daily basis. In addition, you can add splash pages or temporary pages for short promotion. whatever the case might be, if there is a chance that you have a broken link on your website at just one or another. Driving customers to a dead link doesn’t leave a honest impression on them. Is it unhealthy for business? However too broken links will have an effect on your computer program rankings. Google contains a helpful free tool for checking the broken links on your website known as webmaster tools , that watches the health of your website .

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SUN COREE DB is the leading website maintenance company in Bangalore and we also provide maintenance services for e-commerce websites , online stores .