• Computer Optimization

    Your computer can give you a hard time if it’s not meeting the required standards. Are you tired of your slowrunning and inefficient computer? 'SUN COREE DB' can help you out!

    Too many unnecessary files pile up in a computer only to add to your worries! 'SUN COREE DB' optimizes your computer to increase its speed and efficiency.To get the right performance from your computer, it is important to keep it well-maintained by cleaning unwanted data. 'SUN COREE DB' have specialized techniques and software to get your system rid of trash and make it run smoothly. Our computer optimization tools enhance the capacity and performance of your desktop or laptop. We employ techniques such as hardware tuning, disk defragmentation, removal of registry issues, useless files and background processes.

    By computer optimization, you can experience matchless computer performance. In order to heal your computer and optimize it, our Pandas will implement the following:

    • Data Backup
    • Registry Repair
    • Complete computer diagnosis
    • Disk cleaning
  • Computer Running Slow, We can Fix It

    The biggest nightmare we could have in this era is to have troubles with technology. Slow computer is no less than a slow life that has got everything in slow motion. Time has changed. Everything needs to speed-up. So, do that! Who is stopping you! Stuck with a computer that is running slow. 'SUN COREE DB' can help it run.

    Our Aaru know how to make a computer work fast. With our technical brilliance and expertise, we have what it takes to repair any to every technical issue in your computer. You should also know how we make it happen.

    So, have a look at the steps TechoPanda takes to increase the speed of your computer-

    • Cleaning unnecessary files
    • Enhancing memory free space
    • Defragmentation of disk
    • Optimizing computer
    • Removal of virus and spyware
  • Computer won't turn on, We can pump power to it

    It is really frustrating when your computer doesn’t turn on and the only thing that you can see is just a black screen in front of you. You keep on trying to turn your computer on but all in vain. Well, this is the sign that you must look for a professional help. Don’t waste your time in checking what went wrong, because there is some problem with memory or hard disk.

    To add to your frustration, the beep sound from computer echoes in your ears. Don’t panic. You don’t have to wait for a couple of days to get your computer serviced and functioning. Our online technical support ensures that your PC is up and about in a few minutes. 'SUN COREE DB' has a pool of experts that can help resolve technical ssues in no time. You don’t have to take your PC to the servicing store. It’s so convenient to get your technical problems in the computer fixed at home. All what SUN COREE DB needs you to have is an internet connection to get connected to your computer, and the rest is assured. You will never have to face this issue ever again.

  • PC Tune Up

    And you thought it was just your car that needed to be tuned up. Of course, your computer does need it. This is how it will keep functioning smoothly. You calibrate machines, lubricate and maintain them to keep them in the right condition. Then don’t you think that your computer also needs to be maintained well to keep running well.

    Certainly, not everyone knows how to keep them in their best condition, that’s why 'SUN COREE DB'. No one knows computers better than us. It’s our passion to diagnose errors and fix them. Why to take such a big trouble on your head, when our Aaru can make it so easy for you. Our expert Aaru do the PC Tune up and get your system work just like a new system would. Don’t believe? Then, try us now and experience it yourself!

    'SUN COREE DB' executes Computer Optimization and Browser Optimization together in order to conduct a successful PC tune up on your computer. Now, be assured of its well-being!

  • Blue Screen Error

    Finally you got your dream project! You are just so excited and turn the computer on to get started with it. What worse could happen than a blue screen error at this point! There is no fun in restarting your system time and again. This is the right time to call us.
    We are habitual of Blue Screens and it doesn’t remain before us for long. We know how to deal with it. Blue screen error can be a cause of worry for you because there are some corrupted files in the system hindering its smooth functioning. 'SUN COREE DB' knows very well how to get you rid of these scary blue screens. Our experts fix it even without having you to wait for long hours or take it to the technician. 'SUN COREE DB' is adept in resolving technical problems in your computer system, no matter how complicated they are. Just a few simple steps online and it is done. You can get started again. Our Aaru ensure that you have a happy time working with technology.

  • Avast Support

    SUN COREE DB is bothered about your security. Whether you work more offline or spend your entire day surfing internet, we know you are always exposed to malware threats. 'SUN COREE DB' wants to save you from being attacked by threats always hovering in the web world. With our advanced formula of technology and knowledge, we ensure you a completely secured environment, no matter what for and how much time you spend on internet.
    We offer you thorough Avast Support and promise you an anti-virus and anti-malware program that filters and fixes every malware. Our installation/uninstallation, upgradation, activation, subscription and subscription renewal support for Avast products and services for anti-virus and anti-malware programs ensure a high-performing and safe computer.
    We offer an unbeatable Avast Support for all its editions and versions. To protect your computer thoroughly, we offer support for Avast antivirus and anti-spyware engine, Anti-rootkit protection, File system/Mail Shield, Web Shield, Script Shield, AVAST Cloud, Silent Firewall, Antispam and lots more.

  • McAfee Support

    Will you ever install viruses yourself? Sounds crazy! What even more finicky is to use pirated anti-virus software. We ourselves can take a few measures to avoid viruses and threats attacking our computer system. Though it might not ensure a cent percent security but help avoid deliberate installation of viruses by visiting harmful websites that lure a visitor by providing free services such as music, movies download etc.
    Even though you take these measures, you are not completely secured! Authentic anti-virus software ensures that you don’t fall prey to spams, thefts and phishing attacks. McAfee Anti-virus software has been there since the very time these viruses came into the picture. But any Anti-virus software needs a professional support to get going. SUN COREE DB offers all-inclusive McAfee Anti-Virus Support to ensure you a highly secured computer. We provide installation, activation, upgradation services for McAfee anti-virus package. SUN COREE DB also provides support for McAfee product subscription and subscription renewals.
    We provide support for various products of McAfee virus scan programs such as McAfee Virus Scan Plus, McAfee Internet Security Suite, Virus Scan for Mac etc. Now you can make the most of your McAfee anti-virus software and be truly protected from malware threats.

  • Norton Antivirus Support

    TDo you think you are absolutely secured because you have got anti-virus software installed in your computer? If yes, think again! If you are still not safe then what is the fun in buying an anti-virus package that doesn’t do its job well! Well, it is not the fault of that software though.
    There are malware that can dodge even anti-virus software too. And the kind of damage they do is just shocking. From corrupting files to data and identity theft, you are at a high risk of staking it all once such malicious malware enters your computer.
    SUN COREE DB provides complete security to your computer by employing most robust tools and techniques. We provide dynamic Norton Anti-Virus support and other anti-malware software support to ensure that no virus can even peep into your computer system. Our Aaru are well-trained and certified to protect your computer from these fatal attacks..
    SUN COREE DB get you the best protection from your anti-virus software. Just installing Norton Anti-Virus software might not be all, you need to upgrade it from time to time. We install, uninstall, activate, and upgrade and offer a thorough Norton anti-virus support to keep you completely protected. Our Aaru are equipped with exceptional skills to offer support for all versions of Norton anti-virus software. We offer support for Norton anti-virus for all editions and versions such as version 2012 (19.0), version 2011 (18.0), version 2010 (17.0), version 2009 (16.0), version 2008 (15.0), version 2007 (14.0), version 2006 (13.0) and more.

  • Free Virus Scan

    You start your system and open a word file. Suddenly, you notice some mysterious pop-ups. In no time, you discover that your system is not functioning the way it used to. Yes, you are worried for the right reasons. It’s a virus and it can spoil the entire functioning of your computer if not treated now.
    SUN COREE DB ensures that you do not face sudden crash down of your computer. In order to make your work smooth and delightful, SUN COREE DB provides complete virus scan and that too absolutely free. With our advanced free virus scanning of your computer, we diagnose the is any malware or other threats existing in the computer and clean them instantly.
    Our free virus scan is easy to run. We just need to connect to your computer over highly secured connection and our Aaru will diagnose your computer thoroughly and fix the problem there and then. We are experts in fixing any kind of malware, spyware, worms virus, trojans, adware, and other threats.
    We know the idea of virus scan usually worry people because it might not be easy to believe the credibility. That is why we scan your computer for free. SUN COREE DB stands for trust and commitment. We know there are frauds that first introduce and then remove such threats only to charge you an amount that pinches hard on your pocket. Don’t worry! Experience our credibility right now!

  • Identity Theft - A Nightmare

    Identity theft protection is a nightmare enough to move earth beneath your feet! Once your identity is stolen, you become a sensitive target of many spams doing the rounds on virtual world. Do you want to be the one? Surely, no one would want.
    Just a slight slip up of clicking some disguised file and you are gone. But worry not! SUN COREE DB is your savior. Whatever be the complication, SUN COREE DB has it to sweep it off. Our expert Aaru are excellent in confronting virus issues and other threats in your computer. With our unparalleled technical support, you will never ever have to think of losing your precious data and confidential information.
    A broadband connection is all what you need to get the world’s finest and safest technical services over remote access. Our advanced tools ensure that your system is regularly checked-up for any kind of threat and other technical issues that may arise in the machine from time-to-time.